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Leonard Jules

Hey! My name is

Leonard Jules

And I'm a graphic designer

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.

— Milton Glaser


We offer a wide variety of services and experience all united through the same design and problem solving process. We focus on creating a collaborative environment for the client thats completely open minded to ensure the best results. we take our strategy and development process very seriously and only after we are positive that what we have is strong enough, we move on to create design solutions.

Business & development

Business Plan Concept Development, Competitive analysis, Market and Research Strategy.

Web design & development

Graphic design, Information Architecture, Wordpress Development, Responsive Web Design, User Experience Design.

Branding & Identity Design

Logo Design, Brand Strategy, Brand/Marketing Collateral Design, Brand Audits.

Graphic Design & Production Management

Publication Design, packaging Design, Stationery Design, Editorial Design & Layout.

Content Development

Social Media Management, Illustration, Video/Photography, Art Direction.

Design isn't all about pretty pictures, there so much more to great design. The WOW factor doesn't come from the pretty pictures and vibrant color, it comes from the human experience taken by the viewer. Design has the power to move mountains and bridge gaps in ways. Great design goes beyond the face false facade of pretty pictures and transcends into something much more.